Trusting Records: Legal, Historical and Diplomatic Perspectives
Stephen Sondheim: Into The Woods - Vocal Score
Neuronal Guidance: The Biology of Brain Wiring
Southern Crossings: Where Geography and Photography Meet
Practical Otology for the Otolaryngologist
Better Hearing with Cochlear Implants: Studies at the Research Triangle Institute
Marvelous Museum
Mathematics and the Historian's Craft: The Kenneth O. May Lectures
Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanomedicine and Nanorobotics
Global Governance of the Environment: Environmental Principles and Change in International Law and Politics
Six Papers by Gilbert Burnet. (1687)
A Sermon Preach'd to the Societies for Reformation of Manners in the Citys of London and Westminster. February, 19. 1699. Published at Their Request. by Thomas Reynolds. (1700)
Lincoln's Enduring Legacy: Perspective from Great Thinkers, Great Leaders, and the American Experiment
The Odes, Satyrs, and Epistles of Horace Done Into English. (1688)
A Defence of Diocesan Episcopacy in Answer to a Book of Mr. David Clarkson Lately Published, Entituled, Primitive Episcopacy / By Henry Maurice. (1700)
The Italian Convert, Newes from Italy, of a Second Moses, Or, the Life of Galeacius Caracciolus the Noble Marquess of Vico Containing the Story of His Admirable Conversion from Popery (1655)
The Political Economy of Soviet Socialism: the Formative Years, 1918-1928
Vulgaria Roberti Vvhitintoni Lichfeldiensis de Institutione Grammaticulorum Opusculum (1525)
New Learning
Positive Operators and Semigroups on Banach Lattices: Proceedings of a Caribbean Mathematics Foundation Conference 1990
Judicial Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Spatial Language: Cognitive and Computational Perspectives
Where Mathematics, Computer Science, Linguistics and Biology Meet: Essays in honour of Gheorghe Paun
The Autobiography of a Pennsylvanian.
Key to the Federal Income, War Income, and Excess Profits Tax.
New Trials and Appeals, Or, the Rules of Practice: Applicable to the Review of Judicial Determinations in Civil Actions and in Special Proceedings, Under the Code of Civil Procedure ...
The Trauailes of the Three English Brothers Sir Thomas Shirley Sir Anthony [Shirley] Mr. Robert [Shirley]. as It Is Now Play'd by Her Maiesties Seruants. (1607)
A Voyage Into Nevv England Begun in 1623. and Ended in 1624. Performed by Christopher Levett, His Maiesties Woodward of Somerset-Shire, and One of the Councell of New-England (1628)
The Cruell Brother a Tragedy. as It Was Presented, at the Priuate House, in the Blacke-Fryers: By His Maiesties Seruants. (1630)
Here Begynneth a Newe Marer [Sic], Ye Whiche Sheweth and Treateth of Ye Vertues [And] Propertes of Herbes, the Whiche Is Called an Herball Cum Priuilegio. (1526)
EuroWordNet: A multilingual database with lexical semantic networks
Maroccus Extaticus. Or, Bankes Bay Horse in a Trance a Discourse Set Downe in a Merry Dialogue, Betweene Bankes and His Beast: Anatomizing Some Abuses and Bad Trickes of This Age. (1595)
Globalizing the Postcolony: Contesting Discourses of Gender and Development in Francophone Africa
Punishment and Shame: A Philosophical Study
Physical Foundations of Materials Science
A Continuation of the Historie of France from the Death of Charles the Eight Where Comines Endeth, Till the Death of Henry the Second. Collected by Thomas Danett Gentleman. (1600)
Semilinear Elliptic Equations for Beginners: Existence Results via the Variational Approach
Islam, Gender, and Development: Rural-Urban Migration of Women in Iran
Rhetorical Questions of Health and Medicine
Counting Our Losses: Reflecting on Change, Loss, and Transition in Everyday Life
The Law of Banks and Banking: Embracing Also the Law Applicable to National Banking Associations.
A Selection of Pleadings in Civil Actions, Subsequent to the Declaration: With Occasional Annotations on the Law of Pleading.
The Poor Law: Comprising All the Authorities, to October, 1843, with Forms.
The Grant and Validity of British Patents for Inventions.
The Law of Transport by Railway.
The Principles and Practice of the Law of Evidence.
Selected Cases on the Law of Partnership: Including Limited Partnerships.
Roberti Vvhitintoni L. Secunda Grammaticae Pars de Syllabarum Quantitate Accentu. (1523)
Maine Corporation Law: The Statutes of Maine Relating to Business Corporations, Except Banking, Railroad and Insurance Companies, with Notes of Decisions and Blank Forms.
The Law of Easements: An Elementary Treatise.
Wertheimer's Law Relating to Clubs.
Perspectives on State-Building and Democracy
Nouvelle Double Grammaire Francoise-Angloise Et Angloise-Francoise Par Messrs. Claude Mauger Et Paul Festeau ... (1696)
A Trend in Global Media Ethics
Risk Management in Factoring and Forfaiting
Electrogeneration of Hydroxyl Radicals for Water Disinfection
China - Myanmar Relations
Nanostructured Materials by ARC Discharge in Liquids
Rgs2 and the Modulation of Girk Channels in the Ventral Tegmental Area
Geophysical Study to Map Structures Favorable-Groundwater Occurrence
Social Capital and Transformative Learning
Aminoglycoside Antibiotic Resistance Through Ribosomal RNA Methylation
Historical Contemplations as Also Scriptural and Occasional Observations: Together with Their Divine Improvements and Applications. by C.T. Late Minsiter of Chepsted in Surrey (1664)
Go in Peace. Containing Some Brief Directions for Young Ministers, in Their Visitation of the Sick Useful for the People, in Their State Both of Health, and Sickness. (1674)
A Treatise on Private International Law: With Principal Reference to Its Practice in England.
Two Introductory Lectures on the Science of International Law.
The Experiences of a Barrister.
Of the Sacrament of Baptism, in Pursuance of an Explication of the Catechism of the Church of England. by Gabriel Towerson, D.D. and Rector of Welwynne in Hartfordshire (1687)
The Castell of Health Corrected and in Some Places Augmented, by the Firste Aucthor Thereof, Sir Thomas Elyot Knight; And Nouu Neuuly Imprynted, in the Yeare of Our Lorde, 1576. (1576)
Historical Dictionary of Metaphysics
A Short History of My Philosophy
Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook
Regularity Results for Nonlinear Elliptic Systems and Applications
John Irving and Cultural Mourning
Meditations on the Holy Sacrament of the Lords Last Supper. by Edward Reynolds Sometimes Fellow of Merton College in Oxford, and Now Rector of the Church of Braunston in Northampton-Shire (1639)
Changing Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Globalization and New Ways of Drug Development
Coherent Structures in Complex Systems: Selected Papers of the XVII Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics Held at Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 5-9 June 2000. Preliminary Version
A Funerall Poem Vppon the Death of the Late Noble Earle of Deuonshyre (1606)
The Pilgrimage of Princes, Penned Out of Sundry Greeke and Latine Aucthours, by Lodovvicke Lloid Gent (1573)
A Booke Which Sheweth the Life and Manners of All True Christians and Howe Vnlike They Are Vnto Turkes and Papistes, and Heathen Folke. Also the Pointes and Partes of All Diuinitie (1582)
Enchiridion, P[re]clare Ecclesie Sarum Deuotissimis Precationibus, AC Venustissimis Imaginib[u]s Et Ijs Quidem Non Paucis Refertum. (1528)
Notes on the Law of Charity Trusts Under Massachusetts Decisions.
The Bishop of Gallovvay His Dikaiologie Contayning a Iust Defence of His Former Apologie. Against the Iniust Imputations of Mr. Dauid Hume. (1616)
The Theory of Anisotropic Elastic Plates
Novel Frontiers in the Production of Compounds for Biomedical Use
Studyguide for Managerial Accounting for Business Decisions by Proctor, Ray, ISBN 9780273717553
Studyguide for Business Intelligence by Turban, Efraim, ISBN 9780136100669
Studyguide for Elementary Statistics -Enhanced Revised Edition by Johnson, Robert Russell, ISBN 9780495386940
Studyguide for Macroeconomics: Principles and Applications by Hall, Robert E., ISBN 9781439038987
Advances in Digital Forensics: IFIP International Conference on Digital Forensics, National Center for Forensic Science, Orlando, Florida, February 13-16, 2005
Advances in Digital Forensics II
Education and the Knowledge Society: Information Technology Supporting Human Development
Energy Crops
Civil Rights in the Gateway to the South: Louisville, Kentucky, 1945-1980
Death by Wrongful ACT: A Treatise on the Law Peculiar to Actions for Injuries Resulting in Death: Including the Text of the Statutes and an Analytical Table of Their Provisions.
The Ones That Got Away
An Exposition Upon the First Chapter of the Song of Songs Handled by Way of Question and Answer for the Information of the Weakest Understanding / By Samuel Pack. (1691)
The Invaluable Price of an Immortal Soul Shewing the Vanity of Most People in Taking Care for the Body, But Neglect Their Duty as to the Preservation of Their Never-Dying Souls (1681)
The Judgment of Private Discretion in Matters of Religion Defended in a Sermon on I Thessal. V. 21, Preached at St. Pauls Covent-Garden, Feb. XXIII, 1686 [Ie. 1687] / By Richard Kidder. (1687)
Church-Musick Vindicated a Sermon Preach'd at St. Bride's Church, on Monday, November 22, 1697, Being St. Caecilia's Day, the Anniversary Feast of the Lovers of Musick / By Nicholas Brady. (1697)
The Tenth Satyr of Juvenal Done Into English Verse by J.H.; With an Epistle to the Vicar of T---- In B--Shire. (1693)
The Natives an Answer to the Foreigners. (1700)
An Abridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius: With Notes and References to the Decisions of the Courts of This Country by Henry Wheaton. Volume 1 of 2
History of the Commonwealth of England: From Its Commencement, to the Restoration of Charles the Second. Volume 2 of 4
A Treatise on the Law of Corporate Bonds and Mortgages: Being the Second Edition of Railroad Securities, Revised.
A Defence of an Apology for the People Called Quakers Being in Answer to a Book Entituled Quakerism Exposed, Or, Some Papers Deliver'd to the King and Parliament / By John Field. (1699)
Boolean Constructions in Universal Algebras
Degenerate Elliptic Equations
Morality and Rational Choice
Orthogonal and Symplectic Clifford Algebras: Spinor Structures
In-Depth Analysis of Linear Programming
Abel's Theorem in Problems and Solutions: Based on the lectures of Professor V.I. Arnold
Medical Challenges for the New Millennium: An Interdisciplinary Task
Research in Science Education - Past, Present, and Future
Climatic Variability in Sixteenth-Century Europe and Its Social Dimension
Teaching Practice in Law Schools: A Paper: Read Before the Section of Legal Education of the American Bar Association, Saratoga Springs, August 19, 1896.
President Haven's Annual Message to the Third Moot Congress of the Law Department of the University of Michigan: Delivered October 24th, 1863.
A Pleasant Comedy, Called: The Case Is Alterd as It Hath Beene Sundry Times Acted by the Children of the Black-Friers. Written by Ben. Ionson. (1609)
Pregnancy and Crime: A Medico-Legal Study.
Euery Man in His Humor as It Hath Beene Sundry Times Publickly Acted by the Right Honorable the Lord Chamberlaine His Seruants. Written by Ben. Iohnson. (1601)
Ludus Scacchiae: Chesse-Play a Game, Both Pleasant, Wittie, and Politicke: With Certain Briefe Instructions Therevnto Belonging; Translated Out of the Italian Into the English Tongue. (1597)
Gods Mercies and Ierusalems Miseries a Sermon Preached at Pauls Crosse, the 25. of Iune. 1609. by Lancelot Dawes, Master of Arts and Fellow of Queenes Colledge in Oxford. (1609)
Pharmacopoeia Collegii Regalis Londini (1678)
A Booke of Epitaphes Made Vpon the Death of the Right Worshipfull Sir Vvilliam Buttes Knight Vvho Deceased the Third Day of September, Anno 1583. (1583)
Animalis Homo Concio Latine Habita Ad Academicos Oxonienses, Nono Die Octobris 1649 Pro Inchoando Termino / Authore Ed. Reynoldo. (1659)
The Triumph of a Christian Containing Three Excellent and Heauenly Treatises, [Brace] 1. Iacobs Wrestling with God, 2. the Conduit of Comfort, 3. a Preparation for the Lords Supper (1627)
Wilfull Impenitency the Grossest Self-Murder All They Who Are Guilty of It, Apprehended, Tried, and Condemned in These Sermons. Preached at Rochford in Essex Not Long Before His Death (1658)
A Relation of the Fearful Estate of Francis Spira in the Year 1548 Compiled by Nat. Bacon, Esq. (1672)
The Practice of the Court of Session: On the Basis of the Late Mr. Darling's Work of 1833. Volume 1 of 2
Dear Ichiro
X'ed Out
Easy Italian Cookbook
A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever
Multiaccess, Mobility and Teletraffic in Wireless Communications: Volume 4
Footmarks of Innate Immunity in the Ovary and Cytokeratin-Positive Cells as Potential Dendritic Cells
Bitten In Two: Book Seven of the Jaz Parks Series
Small Particles Technology
Parallel Algorithms for Irregular Problems: State of the Art
Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing
Web Content Delivery
The Farmer's Assistant, Or, Every Man His Own Lawyer.
Ely - Smart Groupware
A Treatise on the Courts for the Trial of Small Causes, Held by Justices of the Peace, in the State of New Jersey: Containing Useful Information for Justices, Officers, and Suitors of the Court.
A Monograph on Tribe Paniceae from Pakistan
Qtls Conferring Root Architecture in Cotton
The Worlds High Priest
Revitalising Construction Project Procurement
Earthquake Soil Structure Interaction
Emerging Towns and Rural Livelihoods
High Performance Electronic Lecture Service Via WWW
Role of Women in Peace and Security
Lancelot: A Fortran Package for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization (Release A)
Models for Parallel and Distributed Computation: Theory, Algorithmic Techniques and Applications
Practical Foundations of Business System Specifications
Multi-Robot Systems: From Swarms to Intelligent Automata, Volume II
Multimodal Processing and Interaction: Audio, Video, Text
Artificial Intelligence in Logic Design
Enterprise Information Systems IV
Eva Scrivo on Beauty: The Tools, Techniques, and Insider Knowledge Every Woman Needs to Be Her Most Beautiful, Confident Self
Some Rare and Interesting Law Books in the New York State Library: With Historical Notes.
Reminiscences of Judge B.J. Peters
Interests of Personality.
A Protestation of the Kings Supremacie Made in the Name of the Afflicted Ministers, and Opposed to the Shamefull Calumniations of the Prelates. (1605)
Classification and Training of Children, Innocent and Incorrigible: A Paper Read at the Tenth National Conference of Charities and Correction, Held at Louisville, Sept. 24-29, 1883.
Popular Sovereignty in the Territories: The Dividing Line Between Federal and Local Authority.
The Administration of Equity Through Common Law Forms, as Practised in Pennsylvania: Introductory Lecture of the Session 1880-1 of the Law Department of the University of Pennsylvania.
A Treatise of Commerce Vvherin Are Shevved the Commodies Arising by a Wel Ordered, and Ruled Trade, Such as That of the Societie of Merchantes Adventurers Is Proved to Bee (1601)
Mercies Memorial. Or, Israels Thankfull Remembrance of God in Their High Estate, for His Mercifull Remembring of Them in Their Low Estate in a Sermon Before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor (1657)
Methodi Practicae Specimen, an Essay of a Practical Grammar, Or, an Enquiry After a More Easie and Certain Help to the Construing and Pearcing of Authors and to the Making and Speaking of Latin (1676)
The Theatre of Shelley
Differential Geometry of Spray and Finsler Spaces
Handbook of Elasticity Solutions
The Plastic Anisotropy in Single Crystals and Polycrystalline Metals
Boundary Element Methods for Soil-Structure Interaction
The History of the Conquest of Egypt, North Africa and Spain: Known as the Futuh MIS R of Ibn Abd Al-H Akam
Multicriteria Analysis in Engineering: Using the PSI Method with MOVI 1.0
Patentable Invention.
History of the Republic of the United States of America: As Traced in the Writings of Alexander Hamilton and of His Contemporaries. Volume 1 of 7
The Elements of Constitutional Law.
Multimedia Encryption and Watermarking
A Manual Relating to the Constitution, the Interpretation of Statutes: Audita Querela, Certiorari, Mandamus, Quo Warranto, Prohibition, and Motions for New Trials: A Book of Massachusetts Law.
Prerogative Rights and Public Law
Bankruptcy Legislation in the United States
Notes on the Rules of Practice Prescribed for Public Land Cases in the Department of the Interior.
The Iesuites Gospell: Vvritten by Themselues. Discouered and Published by W. Crashaw, B. of Diuinity, and Preacher at White-Chappell (1621)
Epigrammatum Sacrorum Liber (1634)
The Poeticall Essayes of Sam. Danyel (1599)
A Treatise on Practice in Actions at Law in the Circuit Courts and Supreme Court of Michigan: With Forms. Volume 1 of 2
Lentons Leisures Described, in Divers Moderne Characters. by Francis Lenton, Her Maiesties Poet (1636)
The Arte of Shooting in Great Ordnaunce Contayning Very Necessary Matters for All Sortes of Seruitoures Eyther by Sea or by Lande. Written by William Bourne. (1587)
Time-Lapse Seismic Imaging of Coal Bed Methane Reservoir
Handbook of Practical Ophthalmology
Virulence of E.Coli Strains in Causing Acute and Persistent Diarrhea
European Union Dairy Policy
The Stock Market: Bubbles, Volatility, and Chaos
Framing Europe: The Policy Shaping Strategies of the European Commission
Oxidation Resistance of Zrb2 Based Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics
Organic Photovoltaics: Concepts and Realization
Level of Expressed Emotion and Quality of Life in HIV Patients
The Quantum Hall Effect
The Economics of Centralism and Local Autonomy: Fiscal Decentralization in the Czech and Slovak Republics
Lineage Society on the Southeastern Coast of China: The Impact of Japanese Piracy in the 16th Century
Antimercantilism in Late Medieval English Literature
Information-Spectrum Methods in Information Theory
Fundamentals of Structural Analysis (Int'l Ed)
The Law of Compensation: With Appendices of Forms, Rules and Orders, Etc. Volume 2 of 2
Titles to Real Property: Acquired Originally and by Transfer Inter Vivos.
Chitty's Forms of Civil Proceedings in the King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice: And on Appeal Therefrom to the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords.
A Treatise on the Law of Merchant Shipping.
The Politics of Government-Business Relations in Ghana, 1982-2008
The Secrets to Being an Unstoppable Woman
AV Erotica
Loto Sutra, Nichiren y Yo, El
Beneath My Flesh
A Journey In Search Of Korea's Beauty
Kurze Analyse Des Zusammenhangs Zwischen Freiheit Und Gleichheit
Epilepsy in Its Medico-Legal Relations to the Case of Max Klingler.
The Book of the Landed Estate: Containing Directions for the Management and Development of the Resources of Landed Property.
The Creditor and Bankrupt's Assistant: Being the Spirit of the Bankrupt Laws, with Observations.
The Constitutional Antiquities of Sparta and Athens: Translated by E.J. Brooks, T. Nicklin, with an Introductory Note by J.E. Sandys.
Company Law: An Abridgment of the Law Contained in the Statutes and Decisions, Alphabetically Arranged / By Montague Muir MacKenzie, Edward Arundel Geare and Gawayne Baldwin Hamilton.
History of a Lawsuit, Or, a Treatise on the Practice in Suits and Proceedings of Every Description: From the Beginning to the End in Courts of Law.
A Contre-Project to the Humphreysian Code: And to the Projects of Redaction of Messrs. Hammond, Uniacke, and Twiss.
Lex Parochialis, Or, a Compendium of the Laws Relating to the Poor: With the Adjudged Cases on Parochial Settlements, to the Seventh Year of the Reign of His Present Majesty King George the Fourth.
Naufragium Ioculare Comaedia: Public Coram Academicis ACTA, in Collegio S S. Et Individuae Trinitatis. 40. Nonas Feb. An. Dom. 1638. Authore Abrahamo Cowley. (1638)
Euphues and His England Containing His Voiage and Aduentures: Mixed with Sundry Pretty Discourses of Honest Loue Description of the Country
Defensio Verae Et Catholicae Doctrinae de Sacramento Corporis Sanguinis Christi Seruatoris Nostri Et Quoru[n]dam in Hac Causa Errorum Co[n]futatio, Verbo Sanctissimo Domini Nixa Atque Fundata (1557)
The Mysteries of Mount Calvary Opened and Improved in a Dialogue Betwixt Christ and the Soul. by J.V. Rector of Woodston, in the County of Huntington. (1686)
A Playne Treatise to Learne in a Short Space the Frenche Tongue Deuided in Twoo Bookes. (1576)
Metaphor and Analogy in the Sciences
Heauen and Earth, Religion and Policy. Or, the Maine Difference Betweene Religion and Policy. Written by C.L. (1608)
Disputatio Theologia, de Vero Discrimine Peccati Mortalis Venialis Deque Impossibilitate Implendi Legem Dei OB Quotidianam Peccatorum Venialium Incursionem. (1633)
de Pace Inter Evangelicos Procuranda Sententiae Quatuor Quarum Tres a Reverendis Dominis Episcopis Tho. Dunelmensi. IO. Sarisburiensi. IOS. Exoniensi. (1638)
Disputatiuncularum Grammaticalium Libellus Ad Puerorum in Scholis Triuialibus Exacuenda Ingenia Prim M Excogitatus: Tam Vere Denuo Reuisus, Non Poenitenda Obiectionum (1598)
The Abregemente of the Statut[es] Made in the .Xxvij. [And] .Xxviij. Yere of the Reygne of Kyng Henry the Eyghte (1538)
The Broad Stone of Empire: Problems of Crown Colony Administration, with Records of Personal Experience. Volume 1 of 2
The City Government of Boston.
Notes on the Law of Contract Supplementary to Anson on Contracts.
Risk Analysis in Forest Management
The Economics of Small Firms: A European Challenge
The English Constitution.
The Shepherds Hunting Being, Certaine Eglogs Written During the Time of the Authors Imprisonment in the Marshalsey. by George Vvither, Gentleman. (1615)
Treatise on the Game Laws of Scotland: With an Appendix Containing the Principal Statutes and Forms.
Modus Tenendi Curiam Baronis (1533)
Fracture and Fatigue Emanating from Stress Concentrators
Dispersive Kinetics
Organic Solid-State Reactions
Commentaries on the Law of Estoppel and Res Judicata. Volume 2 of 2
Natural and Gauge Natural Formalism for Classical Field Theorie: A Geometric Perspective including Spinors and Gauge Theories
A Practical Treatise on Pleading and on the Parties to Actions: And the Forms of Actions, with a Second Volume, Containing Precedents of Pleadings. Volume 2 of 2
Guide to the Preparation of Bills of Costs: Containing Practical Directions for Taxing Costs in Chancery Division, Precedents of Costs in All the Divisions of the High Court of Justice ...
A Treatise Upon the Practice of the Court of Chancery: With an Appendix of Forms. Volume 1 of 3
A Forme of Common Prayer, Together with an Order of Fasting: For the Auerting of Gods Heauy Visitation Vpon Many Places of This Kingdome, and for the Drawing Downe of His Blessings Vpon (1625)
Concise Forms of Wills: With Practical Notes / By W. Hayes and T. Jarman.
The Law of Fire Insurance.
A Summary of the Leading Principles of the English Law of Contract: With Historical Introduction.
Israel's Asymmetric Wars
The Semiotics of Exile in Literature
Radio Resource Management in Cellular Systems
Power Trade-offs and Low-Power in Analog CMOS ICs
Government Deficit and Fiscal Reform in Japan
Technology Investment: A Game Theoretic Real Options Approach
Management Philosophy: A Radical-Normative Perspective
Architecture Exploration for Embedded Processors with LISA
Latchup in CMOS Technology: The Problem and Its Cure
Iacobi Falckenburgk, Saxonis Brandeburgi, Britannia, Siue de Apollonica Humilitatis, Virtutis, Et Honoris Porta in Qua, Veluti Vitae Theatridio, Praeter Innumeros Fortunae Labyrinthos (1578)
The Thre Kynges of Coleyne (1511)
The Odcombian Banquet: Dished Foorth by Thomas the Coriat, and Serued in by a Number of Noble Wits in Prayse of His Crudities and Crambe Too. Asinus Portans Mysteria (1611)
Mutations, In Vitro and Molecular Techniques for Environmentally Sustainable Crop Improvement
A Very Soueraigne Oyle to Restore Debtors; Being Rightly and Seasonably Vsed Extracted Out of That Most Tried and Quintessensed Oyle, by the Prophet Elisha. (1622)
The Idealist Illusion and Other Essays: Translation and Introduction by Fiachra Long, Annotations by Fiachra Long and Claude Troisfontaines
Dynamic International Oil Markets: Oil Market Developments and Structure 1860-1990
Multivariate Spline Functions and Their Applications
Difference Schemes with Operator Factors
Asymptotics of Linear Differential Equations
Perspectives on Planning and Urban Development in Belgium
Fractal Analysis in Chemistry and Biology
Thoughts on Two Bulgarian Paraphrases: Horo and Ratchenitza
Biogeography of Intertidal Species Along the Portuguese Rocky Coast
On the Moments of Central Values of Modular L-Functions
The Maths Education with Musical Games
The Systematic Risk of Companies Listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange
Industrial Cleaning Technology
Strategies in Managing Transformation in South African Schools
New Trends in Mathematical Programming: Homage to Steven Vajda
Battery Management Systems: Design by Modelling
Knowledge Sharing in Practice
Modeling Engine Spray and Combustion Processes
From Local to Global Optimization
Kac Algebras and Duality of Locally Compact Groups
The Life and Death of Rosamond, King Henry the Seconds Concubine and How She Was Poysoned to Death by Queen Elenor. (1686-1688)
A Short Catechisme for Litle Children Learned by One at Three Yeares of Age (1589)
Economics and Information
Social Networks and Trust
A Relation of the Miraculous Cure of Susannah Arch of a Leprosy and Ptysick, Wherewith for Some Years Past She Had Been Sorely Afflicted. (1695)
Parallel and Distributed Information Systems
Family Diversity and Family Policy: Strengthening Families for America's Children
Inter and Intra Government Arrangements for Productivity: An Agency Approach
Electre and Decision Support: Methods and Applications in Engineering and Infrastructure Investment
Mechanical Vibrations in Spacecraft Design
Simple Theorems, Proofs, and Derivations in Quantum Chemistry
Scanning Probe Lithography
Verbal Decision Analysis for Unstructured Problems
Probabilistic and Statistical Methods in Computer Science
Image-Based Fractal Description of Microstructures
Noise Analysis of Radio Frequency Circuits
A Treatise on the Law of Real Property as Applied Between Vendor and Purchaser in Modern Conveyancing, Or, Estates in Fee and Their Transfer by Deed. Volume 1 of 2
DNA Methylation: Methods and Protocols
Parenting Styles and Peer Group Influence on Juvenile Delinquents
Congressman, Constituents, and Contributors: Determinants of Roll Call Voting in the House of Representatives
Playbills to Photoplays
Migration, Unemployment and Trade
Decentralization and Health Services in Nepal
Factoring Services
Managing Institutions of Higher Learning
A Woman to Deliver Her People: Joanna Southcott and English Millenarianism in an Era of Revolution
A Treatise on the Law of Patents for Useful Inventions: As Enacted and Administered in the United States of America.
The Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution: The Progress of Nationality Among the People and in the Government.
The Supreme Court of the United States: Its History and Influence in Our Constitutional System.
The Opinion of Judge Story in the Case of William Allen vs. Joseph McKeen, Treasurer of Bowdoin College: Decided in the Circuit Court of the United States, at the May Term at Portland, 1833.
History of the Republic of the United States of America: As Traced in the Writings of Alexander Hamilton and of His Contemporaries. Volume 2 of 7
History of the Origin, Formation, and Adoption of the Constitution of the United States: With Notices of Its Principal Framers. Volume 1 of 2
The War Powers of the President, and the Legislative Powers of Congress in Relation to Rebellion, Treason and Slavery.
Bel-Vedere, Or, the Garden of the Muses (1600)
The Federal Courts: Their Organization, Jurisdiction, and Procedure.
The Vvhole Book of Psalmes: Collected Into English Meeter, by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins, and Others. Conferred with the Hebrew: With Apt Notes to Sing Them Withall (1620)
Medicare and Private Sector Health Care Quality Measurement, Assurance, and Improvement
The Philosophy of Fire Insurance: Being a Compilation of the Writings of A.F. Dean. Volume 1 of 3
Iethro's Iustice of Peace a Sermon Preached at a Generall Assises Held at Bury St. Edmunds, for the Countie of Suffolke. by Samuel Ward Batchelour of Diuinitie. (1621)
Abusir: Volume XIX: Abusir XIX Tomb of Hetepi (AS 20), Tombs AS 33-35 and AS 50-53
The Constitutional History of England Since the Accession of George the Third, 1760-1860: With a New Supplementary Chapter, 1861-71. Volume 2 of 3
Cocos2d for iPhone 0.99 Beginner's Guide
The Constitutional History and Constitution of the Church of England: Translated from the German of Felix Makower.
Historical Dictionary of Polynesia
Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies: v. 12
A Narrative of the Royal Fishings of Great Britain and Ireland with Busses for Pickled Herrings and Barrel-Cod, After the Manner of the Hollanders. (1661)
A True Looking-Glass for All the Oppressed Free-Born People of England Wherein They May Behold and See How to Chuse the Next and All Future Parliaments If Ever They Intend to Be Free Indeed (1654)
The Blacke Yeare Seria Iocis. (1606)
A Feudal Principle in Modern Law.
A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Exeter on the Present State of the Church.
Aime at an Up-Shot for Infant Baptisme by the Good Will of Christ as Priest, Prophet and King, to Fill the Earth with His Glory / By Henry Whistler. (1653)
Python 2.6 Text Processing: Beginners Guide
Newspaper Law.
Oliver Cromwell Gray: A Sketch of His Life, with His Fragmentary Writings / Edited by His Nephew, David Gray Fickes.
The Establishment of Minimum Rates in the Tailoring Industry: Under the Trade Boards Act of 1909.
The Union-State: A Letter to Our States-Rights Friend.
John Howard and the Prison-World of Europe: From Original and Authentic Documents: With an Introductory Essay by Richard W. Dickinson.
Polyphenols, Wine and Health: Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society of Europe, Bordeaux, France, 14th-16th April, 1999
Social Security, Household, and Family Dynamics in Ageing Societies
The Paradox of Existence: Philosophy and Aesthetics in the Young Schelling
Relationships in the Organization of Knowledge
Science, Politics and Morality: Scientific Uncertainty and Decision Making
PHP jQuery Cookbook
Characterization Techniques of Glasses and Ceramics
Gyrotrons: High-Power Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology
Historical Dictionary of German Literature to 1945
A Manual of Naval Prize Law: Founded Upon the Manual Prepared in 1866 by Godfrey Lushington.
The Pleasure of Making a Will
Great Dissenting Opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States: A Paper Read at the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association Held at Saratoga, August 22, 1894.
Some Recent Tendencies in Texas Laws: President's Annual Address Delivered Before the Texas Bar Association at San Angelo, Texas, July 5th, 1910.
Chancery Reform: The Equity Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery: A Lecture.
The Fading Leaf an Emblem of Man's Frailty: A Sermon Preached in St. Mary's Church, Newton Lower Falls, on 31st of October: Being the Sunday After the Death of Daniel Webster.
Web Intelligence
Memoir of Samuel Hoar of Concord: By His Son.
An Address to the Public, and More Especially to the Members of the House of Commons, on the Present Unsatisfactory State of the Court of Chancery: And Suggestions for an Immediate Remedy.
Society, History, and the Global Human Condition: Essays in Honor of Irving M. Zeitlin
Online Optimization of Large Scale Systems
The Geology of Fluvial Deposits: Sedimentary Facies, Basin Analysis, and Petroleum Geology
Algebraic Integrability, Painleve Geometry and Lie Algebras
The Sun, Solar Analogs and the Climate: Saas-Fee Advanced Course 34, 2004. Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy
Enrico Fermi: His Work and Legacy
Electronic Noise and Interfering Signals: Principles and Applications
An Exposition of the Double Taxation of Personal Property in Massachusetts.
Criminal Abortion: Its Nature, Its Evidence, and Its Law / By Horatio R. Storer and Franklin Fiske Heard.
Letters on the Pennsylvania System of Solitary Imprisonment / [By Philip Tidyman, Henry W. de Saussure, and Samuel R. Wood]
Constitution-Making: A Letter to the Members of the Constitutional Conventions of North and South Dakota, Washington, and Montana.
Leasehold Enfranchisement.
Our Penal Machinery and Its Victims.
Elephant Gnosis
Remarks on the Construction of General Settlements: And the Admissibility of Extrinsic Evidence in Their Interpretation: Suggested by the Case of Glendonwyn V. Gordon, House of Lords, 19th May 1873.
Pinstripe Defection: A Small Town Attorney's Battle with the New York Yankees
Sermon Digest: Volume 2
The Return of the Ancient Ones
The Little Tool Box for Anxiety, Anger, Depression and Guilt: Catch Your Teacher and Shut It Up
The Comic Blackstone.
Practical Treatise on the Office and Duties of Coroners: With Forms and Precedents.
Sign Posts: A Collection of Essays Vol. I
An Arrouu Against Idolatrie Taken Out of the Quiver of the Lord of Hosts / By H.A. (1640)
The Divine Lanthorne, Or, a Sermon Preached in S. Pauls Church Appointed for the Crosse the 17. of July M.DC.XXXCI. by Thomas Drant of Shaston in Com. Dorset. (1637)
Principles of the Law of Nations: With Practical Notes and Supplementary Essays on the Law of Blockade and on Contraband of War: To Which Is Added, Diplomacy, by Thomas Hartwell Horne.
The Powers, Duties, and Liabilities of Executive Officers as Between These Officers and the Public.
The Constitutional History of England Since the Accession of George the Third, 1760-1860: With a New Supplementary Chapter, 1861-1871. Volume 2 of 3
Computational Solution of Large-Scale Macroeconometric Models
Classical Relativistic Electrodynamics: Theory of Light Emission and Application to Free Electron Lasers
New Directions in Real Estate Finance and Investment: Maastricht-Cambridge Symposium 2000
Wireless Network Deployments
Quantified Societal Risk and Policy Making
The New Architecture of the International Monetary System
Optical Microscanners and Microspectrometers using Thermal Bimorph Actuators
Testing Static Random Access Memories: Defects, Fault Models and Test Patterns
Industrial Price, Quantity, and Productivity Indices: The Micro-Economic Theory and an Application
Financial Modernization and Regulation: A Special Issue of the Journal of Financial Services Research
The Paston Letters, 1422-1509 A.D. Volume 3 of 3
Codex Legum Anglicanarum, Or, a Digest of Principles of English Law: Arranged in the Order of the Code Napoleon.
The Regulations of the Poor Law Board for Boarding Out Pauper Children: And the Paupers Conveyance (Expenses) ACT, 1870 ...
The Patent Laws of All Nations. Volume 2 of 2
The Works of Jeremy Bentham / Published Under the Superintendence of His Executor, John Bowring. Volume 11 of 11
Reeves' History of the English Law: From the Time of the Romans to the End of the Reign of Elizabeth ... / [Edited] by W.F. Finlason. Volume 2 of 5
Yearbook of Morphology 2000
How Multinational Companies Influence Multilateral Negotiations
Time, Quantum and Information
Thermoelectrics: Basic Principles and New Materials Developments
As Pastoralists Settle: Social, Health, and Economic Consequences of the Pastoral Sedentarization in Marsabit District, Kenya
Perspectives on Uncertainty and Risk: The PRIMA Approach to Decision Support
Low-Power Wireless Infrared Communications
Contemporary Social Issues in Africa: Cases in Gaborone, Kampala, and Durban
Historical Dictionary of the Catalans
Expanding Competition in Regulated Industries
Optical Metrology for Fluids, Combustion and Solids
Geometry of Lie Groups
Schedule-Based Dynamic Transit Modeling: Theory and Applications
Historical Dictionary of East Timor
Facebook Graph API Development with Flash
Choral Identity and the Chorus of Elders in Greek Tragedy
Memoir of Levi Woodbury.
The Law of Fire and Life Insurance and Annuities: With Practical Observations.
The Convict: His Punishment, What It Should Be, and How Applied.
Treatise on Obligations and Contracts.
Thomas Coriate Traueller for the English Vvits: Greeting from the Court of the Great Mogul, Resident at the Towne of Asmere, in Easterne India. (1616)
Hints to the Medical Witness in Questions of Insanity.
The Tragedy of Albouine, King of the Lombards: By Wm. d'Auenant (1629)
A Relation of the Second Voyage to Guiana. Perfourmed and Written in the Yeare 1596. by Lawrence Kemys, Gent (1596)
Truth Versus Ashhurst, Or, Law as It Is, Contrasted with What Is Said to Be: Written in December, 1792 and Now First Published.
Report on the Medico-Legal Duties of Coroners.
Address of Alton B. Parker Before the State Bar Association of North Carolina, at Hendersonville, Thursday, July 11th, 1907.
The Historie of Ane Nobil and Wailzeand Squyer, William Meldrum, Vmquhyle Laird of Cleische and Bynnis. Compylit Be Sir Dauid Lyndesay of the Mont, Alias, Lyoun, King of Armes. (1604)
A Discourse of the Vsage of the English Fugitiues, by the Spaniard (1595)
The History of the Golden-Eagle Being Both Delightful and Profitable. Written by Philaquila. (1677)
Outline of a Course on Mining Law.
Remedial Loans, a Constructive Program.
England's Golden Watch-Bell. Summoning an Alarum to Death and Judgement Licensed According to Order. (1689)
A Sermon Setting Forth the Duties of the Irish Protestants Arising from the Irish Rebellion, 1641 and the Irish Tyranny, 1688. Preached Before His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant (1692)
The Vvicked Life and Penitent Death of Tho. Savage: Licensed and Entred, According to Order. (1680)
A Letter from a Lawyer of the Inner Temple, to His Friend in the Country, Concerning the East-India Stock, and the Project of Uniting the New and Old Companies. (1698)
A White Sheete, or a Warning for Whoremongers a Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St. Swithins by London-Stone, the 19. of Iuly, Anno Domi: 1629. the Day Appointed by Honorable Authoritie (1629)
Two Right Profitable and Fruitfull Concordances Or, Large and Ample Tables Alphabeticall. the First Containing the Interpretation of the Hebrew, Caldean, Greek, and Latine Words (1620)
A True Relation of the Travailes and Most Miserable Captiuitie of William Dauies, Barber-Surgion of London, Vnder the Duke of Florence Vvherein Is Truly Set Downe the Manner of His Taking (1614)
Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of John Howard, the Philanthropist: Compiled from His Own Diary, His Confidential Letters, and Other Authentic Sources of Information.
The Statute of Limitations and Adverse Possession: With an Appendix Containing the English Acts of Limitation.
Stratiotikon. or a Discourse of Militarie Discipline Shewing the Necessitie Therof According to These Perillous Times. (1628)
Histoire Du Droit Criminel de L'Angleterre.
Hand-Book of the Law of Torts. Volume 2 of 2
Local Development and Competitiveness
Nuclear and Radiation Chemical Approaches to Fullerene Science
An Essay in Universal Semantics
Nonlinear and Adaptive Control of Complex Systems
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Societies for Reformation of Manners in Dublin, October the 4th, 1698 by Tho. Emlyn. (1698)
Complex Analysis through Examples and Exercises
Refractory Metals in Molten Salts: Their Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Technology
Grand Theories and Ideologies in the Social Sciences
Land, Governance, Conflict and the Nuba of Sudan
Handbuch Europarecht: Band 6: Institutionen und Politiken
A Communicant Instructed, Or, Practicall Directions for Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper by Francis Roberts. (1656)
Minshaei Emendatio Vel a Mendis Expurgatio Seu Augmentatio Sui Ductoris in Linguas (1625)
Marcus Minucius Felix His Octavius, Or, a Vindication of Christianity Against Paganism Translated by P. Lorrain. (1682)
Poor Law Aspects of National Health Insurance: An Address Read at the National Conference of Social Work, New Orleans, La., April 21, 1920.
A Treatise Concerning the Lords Supper with Three Dialogues for the More Full Information of the Weak in the Nature and Use of This Sacrament / By Tho. Doolittel. (1689)
A Treatise Upon the Laws Relating to the Titles to Lands Which Have Been Sold for the Non Payment of Taxes.
Cases on the Law of Carriers: Selected from Decisions of English and American Courts.
Sequential Analysis: Tests and Confidence Intervals
A History of Vermont, from Its First Settlement to the Present Time: With a Geographical Account of the Country, and a View of Its Original Inhabitants: For the Use of Schools.
Outlaws of the Border: A Complete and Authentic History of the Lives of Frank and Jesse James, the Younger Brothers, and Their Robber Companions, Including Quantrell and His Noted Guerrillas ...
Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics
Simulation and Inference for Stochastic Differential Equations: With R Examples
The Constitutional and Political History of the United States: Translated from the German by John J. Lalor and Alfred B. Mason. Volume 1 of 8
Handbook of Modern Item Response Theory
Applied Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry: With Case Studies Using S-Plus
Statistical Consulting
Foundations of Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups
Observational Studies
Ten Books of Homers Iliades, Translated Out of French, by Arthur Hall Esquire (1581)
The Cid a Tragicomedy, Out of French Made English: And Acted Before Their Majesties at Court, and on the Cock-Pit Stage in Drury-Lane by the Servants to Both Their Majesties. (1637)
Cornucopiae, or Diuers Secrets Vvherein Is Contained the Rare Secrets in Man, Beasts, Foules, Fishes, Trees, Plantes, Stones and Such Like, Most Pleasant and Profitable (1596)
Meditationes Iordani de Vita Et Passione Iesu Christi Ad Laudem Omnipotentis Dei Glorioseque Virginis Matris Eius Marie Incipit Hic Quoddam Exercitium Deuotissimumcirca Vitam (1513)
An Account of the Travels, Sufferings and Persecutions of Barbara Blaugdone Given Forth as a Testimony to the Lord's Power, and for the Encouragement of Friends. (1691)
Constitutiones Angliae Prouinciales Ex Diuersis Cantuariensium Archiepiscoporum Synodalibus Decretis, Per Guilielmum Lyndewode Anglum Iam Olim Collectae. Constitutiones Item Legatinae (1557)
The Booke of Caruynge (1570)
Iustitia Britannica Per Quam Liquet Perspicue Aliquot in EO Regno Perditos Ciues, Seditionis Armorum Ciuilium Authores, Regn Hostium Propugnatores Acerrimos, VT Communi (1584)
Medical Expert Witnesses: Read ... Oct. 12, 1881.
The Triall of Vvitch-Craft Shewing the True and Right Methode of the Discouery: With a Confutation of Erroneous Wayes. by Iohn Cotta, Doctor in Physicke. (1616)
Ianua Linguarum, Sive Methodus Et Ratio Compendiaria Et Facilis Ad Omnes Linguas, Ad Latinam Ver Maxim Viam Aperians in Qua Usitatiora Totius Linguae Latinae Vocabula Tant M Non Omnia (1631)
Tes Hellenikes Glosses Stachuologia. Graecae Linguae Spicilegium Ex Praestantissimis Grammaticis, in Quatuor Horrea Collectum, Breuissimis Quaestiunculis (1575)
The Education of Lawyers: Address.
Topics in Environmental Economics
Epipolar Geometry in Stereo, Motion and Object Recognition: A Unified Approach
The Law Relating to Municipal Corporations in England and Wales.
The Cluniac priory and abbey of St Saviour
Analytic D-Modules and Applications
The Sales ACT (Pamphlet Laws, 1907, Ch. 132) of New Jersey: Complete Text of Statute as Enacted, Supplemented by the Conditional Sales ACT and the Sales in Bulk ACT, with Notes.
Law and Economics of International Climate Change Policy
Determinants of Health: Theory, Understanding, Portrayal, Policy
Subsea Control and Data Acquisition: for Oil and Gas Production Systems
Wills: How to Make and How to Prove Them: And the Law of Administration ...
History of New England. Volume 1 of 5
History of New England. Volume 4 of 5
History of the Hat-Trimmings Controversy / By Charles H. Aldrich, Henry Schofield.
Gleanings from the Judicial History of Rhode Island.
History of New England. Volume 2 of 5
An Address Upon the General Changes in the Practical Operation of Our Constitution Compared with Its Theory: Delivered by Invitation of the Church of the Advent, in San Francisco, November 7th, 1860.
The Law of Charitable Trusts: With the Statutes, and the Orders, Regulations, and Instructions, Issued Pursuant Thereto: And a Selection of Schemes.
Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences
Did the Florida Legislature of 1891 Elect a Senator?: Opinion of Gov. F.P. Fleming.
Principles and Methods of Taxation.
History of Massachusetts: From 1764, to July, 1775 ...
Here Begynneth the Pystles and Gospels, of Euery Sonday and Holy Daye in the Yere (1540)
An Epitome of Real Property Law: For the Use of Students.
Free Trade in Land: Edited by His Widow; With Preface by John Bright.
Orationes Duae Funebres Altera Platonis Dicta Menexenus, Lysiae Altera, Recensore Mich. Busteed SS. Trin. Coll. Cant. Alumn. (1696)
The Mystery and Method of His Majesty's Happy Restauration Laid Open to Publick View by John Price. (1680)
Limit Theorems for Stochastic Processes
The Divine Unity Once More Asserted, Or, Some Consideration Tending to Prove That God Is But One Single Being and That the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ Is He in a Letter to a Friend. (1697)
A Brief Relation of the Persecution and Sufferings of the Reformed Churches of France Translated Out of French, and Published for More General Information. (1668)
A Discourse Pronounced at the Inauguration of the Author as Royall Professor of Law in Harvard University, August 26, 1834.
Observations Upon the Irish Grand Jury System.
Pleading in the Courts of Law in Scotland: An Address Delivered Before the Glasgow Juridical Society, on Wednesday, October 28, 1874.
Reminiscenses of Hon. William L. Foster: Presented at the Second Annual Meeting of the Southern New Hampshire Bar Association, February 24, 1893.
Paragraphs on the Subject of Judicial Reform in Maryland: Shewing the Evils of the Present System, and Pointing Out the Only Remedy for Their Cure.
Speech of Mr. Barton, of Missouri, Upon the Power of the President to Remove Federal Officers: And Upon the Restraining Power and Duty of the Senate Over an Abusive Exercise of That Power ...
Manual of Parliamentary Practice: Rules of Proceeding and Debate in Deliberative Assemblies.
Public Education: University Oration: Delivered at the Commencement of the State University of Iowa, June 17, 1890.
The Law of the Theatre: A Treatise Upon the Legal Relations of Actors, Managers and Audiences.
The Practice of Banking: Embracing the Cases at Law and in Equity Bearing Upon All Branches of the Subject. Volume 1 of 4
Linking and Aligning Scores and Scales
Statistical Tools for Nonlinear Regression: A Practical Guide With S-PLUS and R Examples
Exploring Multivariate Data with the Forward Search
Permutation, Parametric, and Bootstrap Tests of Hypotheses
Generalized Thermodynamics: The Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes and Generalized Hydrodynamics
Evolution Processes and the Feynman-Kac Formula
The Supreme Court and State Repudiation: The Virginia and Louisiana Cases.
A Treatise on the Federal Income Tax Under the Act of 1894 / By Roger Foster and Everett V. Abbot.
On the Law of Real Property in Guernsey.
Message of the President of the United States Communicating, in Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate, a Copy of the Opinion of Judge Brewer in the Great Falls Land Condemnation Case
A Selection of Leading Cases in Criminal Law: With Notes / By Edmund H. Bennett and Franklin Fiske Heard. Volume 2 of 2
A Treatise on the Law of the Customs.
Executors and Trustees: Their Duties and Responsibilities.
Injustice of the Law of Succession to the Real Property of Intestates.
Last Studies in Criminology.
A Manual of the Laws of Massachusetts in Relation to Manufacturing Corporations: Together with a Summary of the Laws Affecting Corporations Generally ...
Prencipe Di Nicolo Machiauelli Al Magnifico Lorenzo Di Piero de Medici. Con Alcune Altre Operette, I Titoli Delle Quali Trouerai Nella Seguente Facciata. (1584), Il
A Treatise on the Origin and Nature of Dignities or Titles of Honor: Containing All the Cases of Peerage, Together with the Mode of Proceeding in Claims of This Kind.
The True Christians Plaine Way to Heaven. Wherein Is Showed the Great Afflictions Which God Imposeth Upon His Children, in This Life: And the Assurance of Their Delivery Out of the Same (1641)
A Digest of the Law of Light: With an Appendix of Statutes and Forms.
Cornish's Treatise on Purchase Deeds, of Freehold Estates, and Incidentally of Leasehold Property: With Precedents and Practical Notes.
A Treatise on Usury and Usury Laws.
Trial of Mary Queen of Scots.
A Counterblaste to Tobacco (1604)
A Sermon Preached in London Before the Right Honorable the Lord Lavvarre, Lord Gouernour and Captaine Generall of Virginea, and Others of His Maiesties Counsell for That Kingdome (1610)
The Booke of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England. (1615)
A General Confession Set Furth for All Men and Saruauntes to Say Euery Morninge Before They Go to Their Worke or Other Busines Also Graces Before Dynner [And] Supper (1552-1553)
Institutio Graecae Grammatices Compendiaria in Vsum Regiae Schola Westmonasteriensis. (1633)
An Essay on Equity in Pennsylvania.
The Jealous Lovers a Comedie Presented to Their Gracious Majesties at Cambridge, by the Students of Trinitie Colledge. Written by Thomas Randolph, Master of Arts, and Fellow of the House. (1646)
The Law as to Public Meeting.
Appendix of Forms to the Treatise on the Practice of the Supreme Court of the State of New-York.
Personal Adventures of a Detective: Pages from Note Books of Lieut. A. Carmichael.
The Influence of Roman Civil Law Upon Modern Jurisprudence: Introductory Lecture.
The Constitutional History of England in Its Origin and Development by William Stubbs. Volume 1 of 3
The Practice in the Courts of Law and Equity in Virginia. Volume 2 of 3
On Reformatory Discipline in County and Borough Prisons.
The Revelations of a Private Detective.
The Practice of the Court of Exchequer, Revenue Branch.
The Science of Politics.
The Law of Constable, City and Town Marshal: And Policeman.
The Civil Law in America: An Historical Outline--Its Place in the Legal Curriculum ...: Address.
The Copie of a Letter to the Right Honourable the Earle of Leycester, Lieutenant Generall of All Her Maiesties Forces in the Vnited Prouinces of the Lowe Countreys Written Before (1586)
Knowledge and Demonstration: Aristotle's Posterior Analytics
Principles of Political Economy: With Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy. Volume 1 of 2
Economic Models of Material-Product Chains for Environmental Policy Analysis
Taxation: Its Levy and Expenditure, Past and Future: Being an Enquiry Into Our Financial Policy.
P-adic Deterministic and Random Dynamics
Iterative Methods for Approximate Solution of Inverse Problems
Differently Academic?: Developing Lifelong Learning for Women in Higher Education
Differentiable and Complex Dynamics of Several Variables
Northern Ireland and Beyond: Social and Geographical Issues
Estuarine Nutrient Cycling: The Influence of Primary Producers: The Fate of Nutrients and Biomass
Observations on the Administration of the Poor Laws in Agricultural Districts.
An Introduction to the History of the Law of Real Property: With Original Authorities / By Kenelm Edward Digby; Assisted by William Montagu Harrison.
Introduction to the Study of Law: A Handbook for the Use of Law Students in Egypt and Palestine.
A Practical Treatise on the Law of Bonds: With an Appendix of Forms, Declarations and Pleas.
An Elementary View of the Proceedings in a Suit in Equity: With an Appendix of Forms.
The Law and Practice in Bankruptcy: As Altered by the New Statutes, Orders, and Decisions / By Basil Montagu and Scrope Ayrton. Volume 2 of 2
The Gild Merchant: A Contribution to British Municipal History. Volume 2 of 2
A Treatise Upon Tithes: Containing an Estimate of Every Titheable Article in Common Cultivation, with the Various Modes of Compounding for the Same.
Every Man His Own Lawyer, Or, the Clerk and Magistrate's Assistant: Adapted to the Revised Statutes and Greatly Enlarged / By a Gentleman of the Bar.
Smith's Elementary View of the Proceedings in an Action at Law
A Digest of the Judgments in Board of Trade Inquiries Into Shipping Casualties: With a Chapter on the Procedure of the Court by T.F. Squarey.
A Practical Treatise on the General Principles and Elementary Rules of the Law of Evidence.
Albions Triumph Personated in a Maske at Court. by the Kings Maiestie and His Lords. the Sunday After Twelfe Night. 1631 (1632)
Survival Analysis: State of the Art
Japanese Urban System
The Work of Sin (in the Flesh) Condemned and the Power of the Enemy (in and Over the Creature Mankind) by Spiritual Weapons Resisted, and Warred Against ... / R.B. (1663)
Goal-Directed Proof Theory
Ergodic Theorems for Group Actions: Informational and Thermodynamical Aspects
Formal Aspects of Context
The Insolvent Laws of Massachusetts: With Notes.
State-of-the-Art in Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval
Thirty-Five Years in the Divorce Court.
Manual of Equity Pleading and Practice: As Modified by the New Federal Equity Rules: With Forms.
The Executor's Guide.
Anti-Paraeus: Siue Determinatio de Iure Regio Habita Cantabrigiae in Scholis Theologicis, 19. April. 1619. Contra Davidem Paraeum Caeterosq[ue] Reformatae (1622)
Valuation of Tenant Rights: A Monograph.
A Treatise on the Law of Heritable Succession in Scotland. Volume 1 of 2
Transportation Rates and Their Regulation: A Study of the Transportation Costs of Commerce with Especial Reference to American Railroads.
The Car-Hook Tragedy: The Life, Trial, Conviction and Execution of William Foster for the Murder of Avery D. Putnam: Governor Dix's Letters ...
Free Speech for Radicals.
The Law and Practice of Bills of Sale: And Bills of Sale of Ships, Under the Recent Statutes, with Precedents, &C. &C.: Edited by the Editor of the Law Times.
Rowe's Commercial Law.
The Prisoner at the Bar: Sidelights on the Administration of Criminal Justice.
Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence: As Administered in England and America. Volume 2 of 3
An Exposition of the Principles of Pleading Under the Codes of Civil Procedure.
Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence: As Administered in England and America. Volume 3 of 3
The Record and Writ Practice of the Court of Chancery: Comprising the Several Forms Used in Proceedings in the Record and Writ Clerk's Office: With Practical Directions and Observations.
Metrical Theory of Continued Fractions
Emotion, Truth and Meaning: In Defense of Ayer and Stevenson
Iowa Criminal Code and Digest and Criminal Pleading and Practice [Microfrom].
Limit Theorems and Applications of Set-Valued and Fuzzy Set-Valued Random Variables
Dynamic Impulse Systems: Theory and Applications
The Oceans: Key Issues in Marine Affairs
Addresses: By ... and Charles O'Conor Before the Graduating Class of Columbia College Law School, at the Annual Commencement, on Wednesday, May 16, 1877.
Commodore Elliott and Lieutenant C.G. Hunter
A Discourse on the Nature and Study of Law: Delivered Before the Law Academy of Philadelphia.
Scientific Uncertainty and Its Influence on the Public Communication Process
The History of a Banquet: The Occasion of It, Who Enjoyed It, What Was Said at It, Who Sent Regrets: The Facts Collected and the Details Described.
A Few Words on the Law and Legislation of the Past Year: Addressed to the Solicitors-At-Law and Other Practitioners Before the Sheriff Court of Edinburgh.
Legal Reform: An Address to the Graduating Class of the Law School of the University of Albany, Delivered March 27, 1856.
Land Transfer Reform, with an Explanation of the New York Block-Indexing ACT: A Paper Read by Dwight H. Olmstead, of New York, at the Thirteenth Annual Meeting, August 20, 1890.
Elements of the Law of Partnership.
Science and the Criminal.
The Solicitor's Assistant in the Court of Chancery.
History of the Lawyers Club.
Irrigation in the United States.
Custody and Guardianship of Children (Scotland).
Remarks on Criminal Law: With a Plan for an Improved System, and Observations on the Prevention of Crime.
Diversity in Family Formation: The 2nd Demographic Transition in Belgium and The Netherlands
A Complete History of an Action at Law: Being an Useful Assistant to Young Practitioners, in More Clearly Showing the Order and Succession of the Different Proceedings ...
Davidson's Precedents and Forms in Conveyancing. Volume 4 of 5
The Student's Conveyancing: For the Use of Candidates at the Final and Honors Examinations of the Incorporated Law Society.
Civil Liberties and the State: A Documentary and Reference Guide
Pyrosequencing Protocols
A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory
Prosody: Theory and Experiment: Studies Presented to Goesta Bruce
Computational Techniques for Econometrics and Economic Analysis
Educating the Engineer for the 21st Century: Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Global Engineering Education
Classical Political Economy: A Survey of Recent Literature
Freer Trade, Sustainability, and the Primary Production Sector in the Southern EU: Unraveling the Evidence from Greece
Economics and Thermodynamics: New Perspectives on Economic Analysis
Elicitation of Preferences
An Essay on the Liberty of the Press: Respectfully Inscribed to the Republican Printers Throughout the United States.
The Speech of M.D. Hill, Esq., at a Public Dinner: Given to Him by the Electors of Newark, on Thursday, March 10, 1831.
The Magistracy of England, Its Abuses, and Their Remedy in Popular Election / By a Barrister.
Fundamentals of Convex Analysis: Duality, Separation, Representation, and Resolution
A Treatise on the Law of Mortgages / By Richard Holmes Coote. Volume 2 of 2
International Environmental Agreements on Climate Change
Separable Programming: Theory and Methods
Triangular Norm-Based Measures and Games with Fuzzy Coalitions
Reliability-Based Design of Engineered Wood Structures
Potential for Industrial Energy-Efficiency Improvement in the Long Term
Challenges for Economic Policy Coordination within European Monetary Union
History of Coinage and Currency in the United States and the Perennial Contest for Sound Money.
Federal Equity Practice: A Treatise on the Pleadings Used and Practice Followed in Courts of the United States in the Exercise of Their Equity Jurisdiction. Volume 1 of 3
Legislative Assemblies: Their Framework, Make-Up, Character, Characteristics, Habits, and Manners.
The Arkansas Justice: A Treatise on the Powers and Duties of Justices of the Peace, Embraced in Their Civil and Criminal Juristiction in the State of Arkansas.
A Treatise on the Law Relating to Debentures and Debenture Stock, Issued by Trading and Public Companies and by Local Authorities: With Forms and Precedents.
Practice and Procedure in the Orphans' Courts of Pennsylvania. Volume 2 of 2
Near-Field Optics and Surface Plasmon Polaritons
The Scottish Souldier. by Lavvder (1629)
Handbook of the Law of Municipal Corporations.
The Physics of Multiply and Highly Charged Ions: Volume 1: Sources, Applications and Fundamental Processes
A Summarie and True Discourse of Sir Frances Drakes Vvest Indian Voyage Vvherein Were Taken, the Townes of Saint Iago, Sancto Domingo, Cartagena (1589)
Isaaci Casauboni Ad Frontonem Ducaeum S.I. Theologum Epistola in Qua de Apologia Disseritur Communi Iesuitarum Nomine Ante Aliquot Menses Lutetiae Parisiorum Edita. (1611)
Here Begynneth the Boke of Keruynge (1508)
Zoos and Tourism: Conservation, Education, Entertainment?
Rationale of Judicial Evidence: Specially Applied to English Practice: From the Manuscripts of Jeremy Bentham. Volume 2 of 5
The Justice's Note-Book: Containing the Jurisdiction and Duties of Justices, and an Epitome of Criminal Law.
A Treatise on the Law of Damages: Embracing an Elementary Exposition of the Law, and Also Its Application to Particular Subjects of Contract and Tort. Volume 2 of 3
The Law of Torts: A Concise Treatise on the Civil Liability at Common Law and Under Modern Statutes for Actionable Wrongs to Person and Property.
Dispersion, Complex Analysis and Optical Spectroscopy: Classical Theory
Essentials of Orthognathic Surgery
Spatio-Temporal Dynamics and Quantum Fluctuations in Semiconductor Lasers
India-China Boundary Problem, 1846-1947
Databases, Information Systems, and Peer-to-Peer Computing: First International Workshop, DBISP2P, Berlin Germany, September 7-8, 2003, Revised Papers
Uncovering CP Violation: Experimental Clarification in the Neutral K Meson and B Meson Systems
Neutrino Mass
Hugh Swinton Legare.
Akron and Its Planning Law.
Rules as to Notice or Assent and the Giving of Bonds: In the More Common Probate Proceedings in Massachusetts.
The Taxation of Public Service Corporations: An Undelivered Argument Before the Judiciary Committee of the House.
Sensors and Sensory Systems for an Electronic Nose
The Life of William Ewart Gladstone. Volume 2 of 3
The Fundamental Law and the Power of the Judiciary to Enforce It.
Equity Jurisprudence: Trusts, Equity Pleading: Examination Questions. Volume 7 of 7
Tennessee Laws Made Plain: Laws and Legal Forms Prepared for the Use of Farmers, Mechanics and Business Men.
Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister: Speech Delivered at a Public Meeting of the Inhabitants of Edinburgh Held in Brighton Street Church on Wednesday, April 10, 1850.
The Law of Married Women in New Jersey.
Optically Amplified WDM Networks
Lattice Concepts of Module Theory
The Plural Actor
The Ethics of Business in a Global Economy
Flood Risk Science and Management
Biological Chemistry of Arsenic, Antimony and Bismuth
States and Social Movements
The World: A Beginner's Guide
Multiscale Analysis of Deformation and Failure of Materials
Psychiatric and Neurologic Aspects of War, Volume 1208
Venous and Lymphatic Diseases
Pediatric Practice Ophthalmology
Au'tarkeia, or the Art of Divine Contentment. by Thomas Watson Pastour of Stephens Walbrook, Lond (1668)
The Golden Grove a Choice Manual, Containing What Is to Be Believed, Practised and Desired or Prayed For; The Prayers Being Fitted to the Several Days of the Week. (1690)
A Coale from the Altar. or an Ansvver to a Letter Not Long Since Written to the Vicar of Gr. Against the Placing of the Communion Table at the East End of the Chancell (1636)
Outlines of Jurisprudence for the Use of Students.
The Philosophy of Fire Insurance: Being a Compilation of the Writings of A.F. Dean. Volume 3 of 3
Soft Computing Methods in Human Sciences
Advances in Bayesian Networks
Fuzzy Semigroups
The Philosophy of Fire Insurance: Being a Compilation of the Writings of A.F. Dean. Volume 2 of 3
The Golden Grove a Choice Manual: Containing What Is to Be Believed, Practised and Desired or Prayed For; The Prayers Being Fitted to the Several Days of the Week. (1699)
The Comic Blackstone of Punch : With Illustrations by Cruikshank.
The Works of Charles Sumner. Volume 4 of 15
A Practical Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Bank-Notes, Bankers' Cash-Notes, and Checks.
The Works of Charles Sumner. Volume 15 of 15
Divorce and Divorce Legislation: Especially in the United States.
Woman's Rights Under the Law: In Three Lectures, Delivered in Boston, January, 1861.
A Letter to the Queen on a Late Court Martial.
A Thanksgiving Sermon for the Deliverance of Our King from the Late Intended Assassination of His Sacred Person and of the Kingdom from the French Invasion Preached by Francis Gregory. (1696)
Recent and Future Law Reforms: Judicial Procedure, a Single and Inductive Science.
Christian Supports Under the Terrours of Death (1691)
Check, Or, Inquiry Into the Late Act of the Roman Inquisition Busily and Pressingly Disperst Over All England by the Jesuits. (1662)
Assessing Quality of Life and Living Conditions to Guide National Policy: The State of the Art
Revisiting the Foundations of Relativistic Physics: Festschrift in Honor of John Stachel
Travels of Learning: A Geography of Science in Europe
The Reality of the Unobservable: Observability, Unobservability and Their Impact on the Issue of Scientific Realism
Science, Technology, and the Art of Medicine: European-American Dialogues
A Satyre Dedicated to His Most Excellent Maiestie. by George Vvither, Gentleman. (1615)
A Plaine and Familiar Exposition of the Ten Commandements with a Methodicall Short Catechisme, Containing Briefly the Principall Grounds of Christian Religion. (1628)
A Summons for Sleepers Wherein Most Grieuous and Notorious Offenders Are Cited to Bring Forth True Frutes of Repentance, Before the Day of the Lord Now at Hand. (1589)
The Faithful Register; Or, the Debates of the House of Commons in Four Several Parliaments Viz. 1. That Held at Westminster, Octob. 21. 1680. 2. That Held at Oxford, March 21, 1680. (1689)
The Miseries of Inforst Marriage Playd by His Majesties Servants. by George Wilkins. (1637)
Modern Policies Taken from Machiavel, Borgia, and Other Choise Authors, by an Eye-Witness. (1657)
Modern Policies, Taken from Machiavel, Borgia, and Other Choice Authors, by an Eye-Witnesse (1654)
Illustrative Cases in Realty. Volume 2 of 2
The Law of the Suspension of the Power of Alienation in the State of New York.
The Life of Henry Fielding: With Notices of His Writings, His Times, and His Contemporaries.
The Law Relating to Bills of Lading.
Contracts of Local Authorities: Being the Law Relating to Contracts Entered Into by Boards of Guardians ....
Farm Valuations and the Agricultural Holdings ACT, 1908, in Two Parts.
Law of Contract.
A Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Tenant: To Which Is Added an Appendix of Precedents.
Brief on the Legal Aspects of Systematic Compensation for Industrial Accidents.
A Practical Treatise on Conveyancing: Comprising a Digest of the Laws of Real Property. Volume 2 of 2
Liberty of Contract Under the Police Power: A Paper Read Before the American Bar Association at Its Fourteenth Annual Meeting in Boston, Aug. 26th, 1891.
Can Remainders Be Too Remote?.
A New Almanacke [and] Prognostication, for the Yeare of Our Lorde God. 1569. Practised in Salesbury, Neare to the Close Gate by Maister Henry Lovv ... (1569)
Monumenta Emblematum Christianorum Virtutum Tum Politicarum, Tum Oeconomicarum Chorum Centuria Una Adumbrantia. Rhythmis Gallicis Elegantissimis Prim M Conscripta, Figuris Aenis Incisa (1619)
The Land Laws.
Investigations in Algebraic Theory of Combinatorial Objects
An Essay Concerning Sociocultural Evolution: Theoretical Principles and Mathematical Models
Plant Production in Closed Ecosystems: The International Symposium on Plant Production in Closed Ecosystems held in Narita, Japan, August 26-29, 1996
Green Manure/Cover Crop Systems of Smallholder Farmers: Experiences from Tropical and Subtropical Regions
Post-harvest Tobacco Infestation Control
Biochemistry and Physiology of Anaerobic Bacteria
Mad Cow Disease and Related Spongiform Encephalopathies
Rooted Landscapes the Art of Rini Dhumal
Linearity, Symmetry, and Prediction in the Hydrogen Atom
High-Resolution Imaging and Spectrometry of Materials
Optics of Semiconductors and Their Nanostructures
Optical Interference Coatings
Triall of Conscience in a Quotidian Exercise Written by Tho. Riley. (1639)
Epithetorum Ioann. Rauisii Textoris Epitome Ex Hadr. Iunii Medici Recognitione; Accesserunt Eiusdem Rauisij Synonyma Poetica, Multo Quam Prius, Locupletiora. (1579)
The Law of Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies: With the Acts, Observations Thereon, Forms of Rules, Etc., Reports of Leading Cases at Length, and a Copious Index.
Littletons Tenures in English Lately Perused and Amended. (1616)
Elementary View of the Proceedings in an Action in the Supreme Court: Founded on Smith's Action at Law.
The Honestie of This Age Proving by Good Circumstances, That the World Was Neuer Honest Till Now / By Barnabe Rych ... (1616)
The Psalmes of David in Meeter According as They Are Sung in the Kirk of Scotland. (1639)
Pessimism: A Lecture.
Four Years Behind the Bars of Bloomingdale, Or, the Bankruptcy of Law in New York.
A Digest of the Law Relative to Pleading and Evidence in Actions Real, Personal and Mixed: With Notes by a Member of the New-York Bar.
Voluntary Approaches in Environmental Policy
The Law of Municipal Bonds.
Flavour and Fragrance Chemistry
Fred Hoyle's Universe: Proceedings of a Conference Celebrating Fred Hoyle's Extraordinary Contributions to Science 25-26 June 2002 Cardiff University, United Kingdom
The Hauptvermutung Book: A Collection of Papers on the Topology of Manifolds
Axiomatic Bargaining Game Theory
Trade and the Environment in General Equilibrium: Evidence from Developing Economies
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Assessment: A Guidebook
Many Rational Points: Coding Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Eco-Management Accounting: Based upon the ECOMAC research projects sponsored by the EU's Environment and Climate Programme (DG XII, Human Dimension of Environmental Change)
Metaphors: Figures of the Mind
Brain Imaging in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience
Higher Education and Economic Growth
Emergent Evolution: Qualitative Novelty and the Levels of Reality
Environmental Economics and the International Economy
Hic Incipit Paruus Catho (1477)
Economics As Discourse: An Analysis of the Language of Economists
Electron-Beam Interactions with Solids: Application of the Monte Carlo Method to Electron Scattering Problems
A New Spring of Divine Poetrie. I. Day. Philomusus Composuit - Inest Sua Gratia Parvis (1637)
A Sermon Preached at Vvhite-Hall, on the 28. of April, 1622. by Walter Curll, D. in Diuinity and Deane of Lichfield. Published by Speciall Command (1622)
A Sermon Preached Before the Queenes Maiesty at Richmond The. 6. of March Last Past. by the Reuerend Father in God the Bishop of Chichester (1575)
A Short Introduction of Grammar Generallie to Be Vsed. Compiled and Set Forth, for the Bringing VP of All Those That Intend to Attaine the Knovvledge of the Latine Tongue. Cum Priuilegio. (1557)
1579. an Almanacke, and Prognostication, Made for the Yeere of Our Lorde God. 1579 Referred to the Meridian of the Citie of Chester. by Alexander Mounslowe. (1579)
An Address to Students of Law in the United States.
Federal Practice in Contempt Proceedings for Violation of Injunctions
A Treatise on the Law of Mortgages.
Analytic and Elementary Number Theory: A Tribute to Mathematical Legend Paul Erdos
Illustrative Cases in Realty. Volume 1 of 2
The Legal Degrees of Marriage: Stated and Considered, in a Series of Letters to a Friend: With an Appendix, Containing Letters from Several Divines, and Others.
The FitzHugh-Nagumo Model: Bifurcation and Dynamics
Iowa Pleading and Practice, Law and Equity: With Forms. Volume 1 of 3
The Good Life as a Public Good
A Treatise on Equity Practice in Pennsylvania. Volume 2 of 2
Selected Cases on the Law of Negotiable Instruments.
The Law Applicable to Strikes.
On the Laws of Artistic Copyright and Their Defects: For the Use of Artists, Sculptors, Engravers, Printsellers, Etc.
Chadman's Cyclopedia of Law. Volume 7 of 12
The Economic Dynamics of Fuel Cell Technologies
ROMANSY 16: Robot Design, Dynamics and Control
A Collection of Forms of Practice and Pleading: In Actions, Whether for Legal or Equitable Relief, and in Special Proceedings ... Volume 1 of 2
Cooperative Game Theory and Applications: Cooperative Games Arising from Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Ideas for the Future of the International Monetary System
Modern Placement Techniques
Risk and Return in Transportation and Other US and Global Industries
Arrovian Aggregation Models
The Blue Laser Diode: The Complete Story
Beliefs and Decision Rules in Public Good Games: Theory and Experiments
Madagascar with Other Poems. by W. Davenant. (1638)
A Companion to American Urban History
Will of Thomas Wentworth Peirce
A Funerall Sermon Preached the XXVI. Day of Nouember in the Yeare of Our Lord M.D.LXXVI. in the Parishe Church of Caermerthyn, by the Reuerende Father in God (1577)
An Abridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius: With Notes and References to the Decisions of the Courts of This Country by Henry Wheaton. Volume 2 of 2
The Duties and Liabilities of Sheriffs: In Their Various Relations to the Public and to Individuals: As Governed by the Principles of Common Law and Regulated by the Statutes of New York.
The Replie of Iohn Darrell, to the Answer of Iohn Deacon, and Iohn Walker, Concerning the Doctrine of the Possession and Dispossession of Demoniakes (1602)
Foreign and Domestic Law: A Concise Treatise on Private International Law Based on the Decisions in the English Courts.
The Institutional Basis of Higher Education Research: Experiences and Perspectives
Asteroseismology Across the HR Diagram: Proceedings of the Asteroseismology Workshop Porto, Portugal 1-5 July 2002
Societal Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change
Biotechnology for the Environment: Wastewater Treatment and Modeling, Waste Gas Handling
Life and Confessions of Thomas D. Carr: Who Was Hung at St. Clairsville, Ohio, Thursday, March 24, 1870, for the Murder of Louisa C. Fox ...; And the Perpetrator of Fourteen Cold-Blooded Murders ...
The Rise and Progress of the English Constitution: The Treatise of J.L. de Lolme, LL. D.: With an Historical and Legal Introduction, and Notes. Volume 2 of 2
The History of Law of Tenures of Land in England and Ireland: With Particular Reference to Inheritable Tenancy, Leasehold Tenure, Tenancy at Will, and Tenant Right.
A Biographical Sketch of Roger Minott Sherman, the Eminent Connecticut Jurist, 1773-1845.
A Collection of Such Orders and Conditions, as Are to Be Obserued by the Vndertakers, Vpon the Distribution and Plantation of the Eschaeted Lands in Vlster (1608)
A Compendium of Mercantile Law. Volume 2 of 2
The Disloyalty of Socialism: Annual Address Before the Iowa State Bar Association at Des Moines, Iowa, June 28, 1918.
A Short Response to a Long Discourse: An Answer to Mr. James C. Carter's Pamphlet on the Proposed Codification of Our Common Law.
Observations on the Law of Population: Being an Attempt to Trace Its Effects from the Conflicting Theories of Malthus and Sadler / By the Author of Reflections on the Present State of British India.
A Discussion of the Constitutionality of the Anti-Trust Act of 1890: As Interpreted by the United States Supreme Court in the Case of the Trans-Missouri Traffic Association.
A Treatise on the Law Relative to Sales of Personal Property.
Legal Doctrine and Social Progress.
Outlines of Evidence.
The Law Relating to the Reconstruction and Amalgamation of Joint Stock Companies: Together with Forms and Precedents.
Railway and Other Accidents with Relation to Injury and Disease of the Nervous System: A Book for Court Use.
West Virginia Corporations: How to Incorporate, Organize and Manage Them ...
Town and County Government in the English Colonies of North America.
Thou Fiers God of Armes, Mars the Rede (1477)
A Satyr Against Wooing with a View of the Ill Consequences That Attend It / Written by the Author of the Satyr Against Woman. (1698)
Instinctive Criminality: Its True Character and Rational Treatment.
The Prevention of Crime.
Government by Injunction.
Transportation Tariffs: A Discussion of the Proper Relative Rates on Short Hauls as Compared with Long Hauls.
The Marriage Law of Ireland: With an Introduction and Notes.
His Grace the Duke of Norfolk's Charge Against the Dutchess Before the House of Lords, and the Dutchesses Answer with the Depositions at Large of the Witnesses That Were Examined on Both Sides. (1692)
Treatise on Judicial Factors, Curators Bonis, and Managers of Burghs: With an Appendix of Relative Acts of Parliament and Sederunt, and Practical Forms.
The Law Relating to Real Estate Brokers: As Decided by the American Courts.
Tax Sales and Titles: And the Evidence of the Same, in Pennsylvania: With Forms to Be Found in the Appendix.
The Law and Practice of United States Naval Courts-Martial.
The Law of Parent and Child, Guardian and Ward, and the Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of Infants: With the Practice of the High Court of Justice in Relation Thereto.
First Steps in International Law: Prepared for the Use of Students.
Electronic Defect States in Alkali Halides: Effects of Interaction with Molecular Ions
Remote Sensing in Snow Hydrology: Runoff Modelling, Effect of Climate Change
Commentaries on the Law of Public Corporations, Including Municipal Corporations and Political or Governmental Corporations of Every Class. Volume 2 of 2
Los Angeles in Maps
The Popish Kingdome, or Reigne of Antichrist, Written in Latine Verse by Thomas Naogeorgus, and Englyshed by Barnabe Googe (1570)
Conspiracy as a Crime and as a Tort in English Law.
A Pleasant and Delightfull History, of Galesus Cymon and Iphigenia Describing the Ficklenesse of Fortune in Loue. Translated Out of Italian Into Englishe Verse, by T. C. Gent. (1565)
Principles of English Law: Founded on Blackstone's Commentaries.
The General Principles of the American Law of the Sale of Goods: In the Form of Rules with Comments and Illustrations, Containing Also the English Sale of Goods ACT
The Principles of Equity: Intended for the Use of Students and Practitioners.
A Treatise on the Law of the Employer's Liability Acts of New York, Massachusetts, Indiana, Alabama, Colorado, and England.
Analyzing Rational Crime - Models and Methods
Federal Equity Practice: A Treatise on the Pleadings Used and Practice Followed in Courts of the United States in the Exercise of Their Equity Jurisdiction. Volume 2 of 3
A Code of the Law of Actionable Defamation: With a Continuous Commentary and Appendices.
Technological Aspects of Virtual Organizations: Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise
Under the Counter and Over the Border: Aspects of the Contemporary Trade in Illicit Arms
Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops: Plant Mineral Nutrition and Pesticide Management
Leibniz on Individuals and Individuation: The Persistence of Premodern Ideas in Modern Philosophy
The Commentaries on the Laws of England of Sir William Blackstone / Adapted to the Present State of the Law by Robert Malcolm Kerr. Volume 3 of 4
The Doctrine of Public Policy in the Law of Contracts: Reduced to Rules.
An Expostulatory Letter to the Author of the Late Slanderous Libel Against Dr. O. with Some Short Reflections Thereon. (1671)
Epithalamia: Or Nuptiall Poems Vpon the Most Blessed and Happie Mariage Betweene the High and Mightie Prince Frederick the Fifth, Count Palatine of the Rhein, Duke of Bauier (1613)
Tom Tel-Troths Message, and His Pens Complaint a Worke Not Vnpleasant to Be Read, Nor Vnprofitable to Be Followed. Written by IO. La. Gent. (1600)
A Sermon Profitably Preached in the Church Within Her Maiesties Honourable Tower, Neere the Citie of London ... (1586)
A Sermon of the Nativity of Our Lord Preached Before the Queen Dowager in Her Chappel at Somerset-House on Christmas Day, 1686 / By Thomas Godden. (1686)
The Soules Solace, or Thirty and One Spirituall Emblems (1639)
Control of the Market: A Legal Solution of the Trust Problem.
The Importance of Actual Experience at the Bar as a Preparation for Law Teaching.
Declaratio Causarum, Quibus Serenissimae Maiestatis Angliae Classiarij Adducti, in Expeditione Su Lusitanensi, Quasdam Naues Frumento, Ali que Apparatu Bellico Ad Vsus Hispaniarum Regis (1589)
Defensio Verae Et Catholicae Doctrinae de Sacramento Corporis Sanguinis Christi Seruatoris Nostri Et Quorundam in Hac Causa Errorum Confutatio, Uerbo Sanctissimo Domini Nixa Atque Fundata (1553)
Railroad Traffic and Rates. Volume 1 of 2
The Fourth Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England: Concerning the Jurisdiction of Courts.
Market Imperfections and Macroeconomic Dynamics
The Correspondence and Public Papers of John Jay / Edited by Henry P. Johnston. Volume 2 of 4
Governance of Water-Related Conflicts in Agriculture: New Directions in Agri-Environmental and Water Policies in the EU
Risk Management and the Environment: Agriculture in Perspective
Current Issues in the Economics of Water Resource Management: Theory, Applications and Policies
Game Equilibrium Models IV: Social and Political Interaction
The Law Relating to Trusts and Trustees.
The Parliament and Councils of England, Chronologically Arranged: From the Reign of William I. to the Revolution in 1688: Dedicated, by Permission, to Her Majesty.
The Rules of Evidence on Pleas of the Crown: Illustrated from Printed and Manuscript Trials and Cases.
The Law and Practice Relating to Patents and Designs: (Patents and Designs Acts, 1907-1908).
First Platform of International Law.
Interstate Transportation: A Treatise on the Federal Regulation of Interstate Transportation and Common Carriers Including Jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Volume 1 of 2
The Life and Correspondence of Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. Volume 3 of 3
Politics of Literature
International Commercial Arbitration: An Asia-Pacific Perspective
The Law of Waste: A Treatise on the Rights and Liabilities Which Arise from the Relationship of Limited Owners and the Owners of the Inheritance with Reference to the Tenements.
Multiple Criteria Analysis in Strategic Siting Problems
Equilibrium Facility Location on Networks
Environmental Interactions of Clays: Clays and the Environment
Challenges for Central Banking
Design and Analysis of High Efficiency Line Drivers for xDSL
Mutual Funds: Fifty Years of Research Findings
Design of Energy-Efficient Application-Specific Instruction Set Processors
A Review of the Theory of the Earth and of Its Proofs, Especially in Reference to Scripture (1690)
Grammatica Rationis, Sive, Institutiones Logicae (1685)
Index Rhetoricus Et Oratorius, Scholis Institutioni Tenerioris Aetatis Accommodatus Cui Adjiciuntur Formulae Oratoriae, Et Index Poeticus. Opera Studio Thomae Farnabii. (1659)
Ten Sermons, Tending Chiefly to the Fitting of Men for the Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper Wherein, Amongst Many Other Holy Instructions, the Doctrines of Sound Repentance and Humiliation (1661)
The Vanity of This Mortal Life, Or, of Man Considered Only in His Present Mortal State by J. Howe. (1678)
An Arrouu Against Idolatry Taken Out of the Quiuer of the Lord of Hosts / By Henry Ainsuuorth. (1640)
Taxidermy Vol.3 Fish - The Collection, Preparation, Casting and Mounting of Fish
Navigating the Research University: A Guide for First-Year Students
Perspective Made Easy - A Step-By-Step Method for Learning the Basis of Drawing
Primitive Christianity, Or, the Religion of the Ancient Christians in the First Ages of the Gospel in Three Parts / By William Cave. (1675)
Equipment for Sea Fishing - How to Choose or Make; Rods, Reels, Tackle, Hooks, Baits, Knots and Nets
Computer Simulation of Dynamic Phenomena
Meditations and Vovves, Diuine and Morall Seruing for Direction in Christian and Ciuill Practice. Newly Enlarged with Caracters of Vertues and Vices. by Ios. Hall. (1621)
The Parish: Its Powers and Obligations at Law, as Regards the Welfare of Every Neighbourhood, and in Relation to the State: Its Officers and Committees: And the Responsibility of Every Parishioner ...
The Law and Practice of Surrogates' Courts.
Modern Equity: Commentaries on Modern Equity Jurisprudence: As Determined by the Courts and Statutes of England and the Unites States. Volume 2 of 2
A Short Relation of the River Nile of Its Source and Curent: Of Its Overflowing the Campagnia of Egypt, Till It Runs Into the Mediterranean: And of Other Curiosities (1673)
A Comment Upon the Two Tales of Our Ancient, Renovvned, and Ever Living Poet Sr. Jeffray Chaucer, Knight ... the Miller's Tale, and the Wife of Bath (1665)
A Modern Essay on the Tenth Satyr of Juvenal by Henry Higden. (1687)
Grammatica Rationis, Sive, Institutiones Logicae (1675)
Autarkeia; Or, the Art of Divine Contentment. by Thomas Watson, Pastour of Stephens Walbrook, London (1668)
Rome Exactly Describ'd, as to the Present State of It, Under Pope Alexandre the Seventh in Two Curious Discourses / Written Originally in Italian, and Translated Into English. (1664)
Iesu Christi D. N. Nouum Testamentum Theodoro Beza Interprete. (1594)
Primitive Christianity, Or, the Religion of the Ancient Christians in the First Ages of the Gospel in Three Parts / By William Cave. (1676)
Dictionarium Historicum, Geographicum, Poeticum Gentium, Hominum, Deorum Gentilium, Regionum, Insularum, Locurum ... Antiqua Recentior que Ad Sacras (1686)
A Sure Guide to the French Tongue Teaching by a Most Easie Way, to Pronounce the French Naturally, to Reade It Perfectly, to Write It Truly, and to Speake It Readily (1635)
A Sound Moral Character the Basic Requirement of a Legal Career: An Address Delivered at the Commencement Exercises of the Albany Law School, June 6, 1923.
The Insular Cases.
Poeticall Blossomes (1636)
The Assyse of Breadde and Ale and Other Thynges, as Appereth on the Other Syde of the Leafe. (1550)
Applied Decision Analysis
Ad Serenissimum Britanniarum Principem Henricum, E Scotia Discendentem Propempticon (1603)
Elizabetheis. Siue de Pacatissimo Et Florentissimo Angliae Statu, Sub Faelicissimo Augustissimae Reginae Elizabetae Imperio. Liber Secundus. in Quo, Praeter Caetera (1589)
Systems Methodology in Social Science Research: Recent Developments
Studyguide for Accounting Principles: Volume 1, Chapter 1-12 by Weygandt, Jerry J., ISBN 9780470317556
Engineered Coasts
Constitutional Law of England.
The Great War on White Slavery, Or, Fighting for the Protection of Our Girls: Truthful and Chaste Account of the Hideous Trade of Buying and Selling Young Girls for Immoral Purposes ....
Hierarchically Structured Economies: Models with Bilateral Exchange Institutions
Benefiting from Thermal and Mechanical Simulation in Micro-Electronics
The Economics of Audit Quality: Private Incentives and the Regulation of Audit and Non-Audit Services
Industry Structure and Pricing: The New Rivalry in Infrastructure
Synthesis Techniques and Optimizations for Reconfigurable Systems
Asynchronous Pulse Logic
Personalist Economics: Moral Convictions, Economic Realities, and Social Action
Game-Theoretic Models of the Political Influence of Interest Groups
A Treatise on the Specific Performance of Contracts, Including Those of Public Companies.
A Treatise on the Law of Stoppage in Transitu: And Incidentally of Retention and Delivery.
A Treatise on Criminal Law: With an Exposition of the Office and Authority of Justices of the Peace in Virginia ...
Nemo Tenetur Seipsum Prodere
Epitome of the Law of Landed Property: With a Description of the Several Assurances by Deed and Will ...
The Ordinance of 1787 and Dr. Manasseh Cutler as an Agent in Its Formation.
Law Manual: Letters on Law and Politics: Addressed to the People of New Hampshire ...
Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery
A Treatise on the Sherman Anti-Trust ACT / By W.W. Thornton.
The Autobiography of a Crook.
Baptistes, Siue Calumnia Tragoedia, Auctore Georgio Buchanano Scoto. (1577)
A Treatise on the Powers and Duties of Justices of the Peace in the State of Illinois: With Practical Forms.
The Codification of the Criminal Law by George Howell: Being a Paper.
Here Begynneth a Merry Ieste of a Shrewde and Curste Wyfe, Lapped in Morrelles Skin, for Her Good Behauyour (1580)
Dwight Method of Instruction Compared with the Case-Method
Poems with the Muses Looking-Glasse, and Amyntas. by Tho: Randolph M.A. and Late Fellow of Trinity Col. in Cambridge. (1643)
Regular and Irregular Thoughts in Poets and Orators with Directions How to Think and Write Well: Also, the Verdicts of the Learned Concerning Virgil and Homer's Heroick Poems. (1700)
A Treatise on the Law of Principal and Agent: And of Sales by Auction. Volume 2 of 2
Coalition Formation and Social Choice
Michael Oakeshott: Early Political Writings 1925-30: A discussion of some matters preliminary to the study of political philosophy' and 'The philosophical approach to politics
Designing Stress Resistant Organizations: Computational Theorizing and Crisis Applications
Connectionist Approaches in Economics and Management Sciences
Nanocrystalline Metals and Oxides: Selected Properties and Applications

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